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of Prodis and LaFACT, Factoria Social de Terrassa

The Vallparadis Municipal Hostel is an accommodation to welcome hostellers, hikers, groups of friends, educational centres, sports clubs, playgroups, families and anyone who wants to come visit or spend a few days in our city. But it is much more; this is where we work on the employment of people with intellectual disabilities or mental illness and, with their quality work, we offer you a space where you can sleep, eat and enjoy the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the city ​​of Terrassa, from the values ​​of coexistence, proximity, sustainability and inclusion.

Thanks to the concession of the municipal equipment that was gained through a public tender, the entities Prodis and LaFACT, Factoria Social de Terrassa, work together to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the first hostel in the city, with a spirit of service open to all citizenship and with the satisfaction of offering a long-awaited municipal facility.

At the same time, from the entities, we carry out professional training courses at the Hostel to acquire the set of skills required by companies in the different work areas of specialization. The project becomes a springboard for employment and, at the same time, a creative experience for practical training for people with intellectual disabilities.

The Alberg Vallparadis will therefore generate opportunities for training in the hotel service profession and will also be a platform for visibility, training and opportunities through all the activities and events it will promote in this sector.

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